Art And Advertising: The Power of a Picture

Images are powerful things. What shakes one person to the core is just as often stunning and inspiring to another. Beauty truly is ‘in the eye of the beholder’.

Which is why I was so interested when I stumbled upon this article recently. A Bulgarian magazine has stirred up some serious controversy by publishing a shocking set of photographs by Vasil Germanov.

Titled “Victims of Beauty”, the images depict gorgeous women – but with a twist. They are all mutilated, in some form or another. Bruised, sliced, burned, etc.. The pictures are quite beautiful, actually, and while I’m not sure what the underlying message is because I can’t pretend to read the artist’s mind – they certainly stay with you. The juxtaposition of these perfectly gorgeous high-fashion faces and the brutality ‘inflicted’ upon them is jarring. Continue reading

A Social Media Mea Culpa

I don’t use this space to rant and rave about products or companies. Well, I haven’t yet, anyhow. Until today.

Let me preface by saying I have no professional affiliation whatsoever with this product. Beyond being – ahem – intimately familiar with its invaluable contribution to the lives of women everywhere. Every month. That’s right my friends I’m talking about tampons! Say it loud and say it proud!

More specifically, I’m talking about OB tampons, the great “disappearing tampon mystery of 2011”, and one of the funniest ‘I’m sorry’ campaigns I’ve seen in awhile. Continue reading