Work: It’s Not Always About The Money

I woke up today to a bunch of chatter on Twitter about how “journalists don’t work for free, so why should bloggers” – as the conversation went on, eventually it distilled down to “people don’t work for free and it’s a massive insult to be asked to do *anything* for free!!”

And that’s where I started to get irked. Continue reading

Dear Blog: Please Forgive Me

I haven’t blogged here in awhile. Actually, it’s been quite awhile. And the only person to blame for that is yours truly. See, I went and got myself a job. But not just any ol’ job! In March, I went and got myself a swank new job at a hot little startup, and whoa – was I ever busy! I was too busy to clean my house! I was too busy to spend a lot of time with friends! I was too busy to exercise! And I was too busy to blog. Continue reading

Rant: How Social Media Is Like Bad Sex

Remember when that blue Honda driving dude you adored dumped you unceremoniously on your birthday, then hooked up with your best friend (or worse, your MOM!)? Remember after when suddenly every single car on every single street was a blue Honda? The social media space is a bit like that at times. Especially blogging. Every so often, trends pop up in the blog world. No matter where you surf or stumble, every Twitter link you click on contains the same ‘style’ of post. And there’s one particular style these days that’s seriously getting on my last nerve. Continue reading

Social Influence Scoring: Ranting Is Fun!

My good friend and fellow blogger Jason Konopinski wrote a post last week that seriously got me fired up. In a good way. Titled “The Paper Tigers of Online Influence”, even the image he used made me stop and think (origami is insanely complicated but the outcome is really cool – like statistics – hmmmm.) “Paper Tiger” is an english translation of an ancient Chinese phrase. It means something as threatening as a tiger, but actually quite quite harmless. Kinda like “its bark is worse than it’s bite”. It’s fitting that Jason was talking about online influence and social scoring. Continue reading

Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

Lucky you, it’s Friday and time for another instalment of “crap I wrote a loooong time ago!” Clappity clap clap.

This series was inspired by the question Why do I write? These last few fridays I’ve laid out reasons why we all write: to exorcise demons, to memorialize a time or place, to hopefully connect with people. But why do I still write today?

I’ve been lucky to meet some incredible people lately through my writing. And since I’m only ageist when it comes to my own sweet self (Jesus, Mary and Joseph *when* did I get this old!!??) – I often engage with some talented and inspiring young thangs. One such young thang – a truly inspirational and all around lovely young woman – reached out to me this week to help round out an idea she had for her own blog. Continue reading

Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

Well, it’s Friday again. Time for another installment of Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s.

Mortgages Bite

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Life, as it sometimes does, got in the way of writing. And this was important life stuff. As many of you know I’m currently a free agent, and while I’ve been doing a bit of freelance’y stuff here and there, I have an amazing son and a not so amazing mortgage to attend to. So, the job hunt has seriously ramped up. Continue reading