User Error! – The Power of Negative Thinking

I watched a great Tedx talk today by Jeannie Walters. Gini Dietrich – thankfully – posted the video on her regular Gin and Topics round up. Titled Meaningful Micro-engagements (you can watch it here) it got me thinking on this fine Saturday morning.

In the talk, Jeannie makes a passionate plea to all of us: actually, you really SHOULD sweat the small stuff! The details. She makes us consider the bazillion little moments of connection we all have every single day. With people. With brands. With organizations. With technology.

Each one of those moments – if not well thought out and beautifully produced – can throw a wrench into a person’s day. Or, at the very least, leave them with a bad taste in their mouth. Continue reading

Booze And Brand Advocacy: A Social Media Story

Let me tell you a story. A real story. About how social media works. And how little it takes to make a massive impression on someone.

The general chatter in the digital space these days seems focussed on influencers and brand advocates. People argue incessantly about the merits (or none) of influence measurement platforms like Klout and Kred. Continue reading