Unemployed? How Drinking Can Help

Most of you know I’m on the job hunt. And if you didn’t, you do now. This whole ‘job search’ thing has been an exercise in extremes for yours truly. I’ve affectionally taken to calling it “My Bipolar Life”. The peaks. Oh, the peaks are glorious. Sunshine, triple rainbows, unicorns and gumdrops. But the valleys? The valleys have sent me into the deepest despair. My drama queen tendencies and insecurity issues were learned at the knee of the best. No really. You should meet my mom. Let’s just say the knock-backs have the feel of a Louisville Slugger square to the temple. Continue reading

Dear Managers: 5 Things To Think About

Management is hard. We all know that. Like Atlas, you carry the metaphorical weight of the world on your shoulders. You have chosen to climb that corporate ladder as high as you can, and are most likely already eyeballing the next rung while you juggle meetings and travel and conference calls and staffing issues.


Speaking of staff, it’s been said that to be a great manager you need to have the traits of great leaders. That in order to manage a team successfully you have to be their guide, move them forward towards the goal, motivate and inspire them to be their best, and have that office door open, whether literally or figuratively (in the case of remote staff), so your team has a safe space in which to air complaints or merely bash an idea or two around. Continue reading