Dear Blog: Please Forgive Me

I haven’t blogged here in awhile. Actually, it’s been quite awhile. And the only person to blame for that is yours truly. See, I went and got myself a job. But not just any ol’ job! In March, I went and got myself a swank new job at a hot little startup, and whoa – was I ever busy! I was too busy to clean my house! I was too busy to spend a lot of time with friends! I was too busy to exercise! And I was too busy to blog. Continue reading

Unemployed? How Drinking Can Help

Most of you know I’m on the job hunt. And if you didn’t, you do now. This whole ‘job search’ thing has been an exercise in extremes for yours truly. I’ve affectionally taken to calling it “My Bipolar Life”. The peaks. Oh, the peaks are glorious. Sunshine, triple rainbows, unicorns and gumdrops. But the valleys? The valleys have sent me into the deepest despair. My drama queen tendencies and insecurity issues were learned at the knee of the best. No really. You should meet my mom. Let’s just say the knock-backs have the feel of a Louisville Slugger square to the temple. Continue reading

Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

Well, it’s Friday again. Time for another installment of Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s.

Mortgages Bite

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Life, as it sometimes does, got in the way of writing. And this was important life stuff. As many of you know I’m currently a free agent, and while I’ve been doing a bit of freelance’y stuff here and there, I have an amazing son and a not so amazing mortgage to attend to. So, the job hunt has seriously ramped up. Continue reading