Booze And Brand Advocacy: A Social Media Story

Let me tell you a story. A real story. About how social media works. And how little it takes to make a massive impression on someone.

The general chatter in the digital space these days seems focussed on influencers and brand advocates. People argue incessantly about the merits (or none) of influence measurement platforms like Klout and Kred. Continue reading

Keep It Simple: Stop Social Media Speak

Early mornings on the Twittersphere never cease to amaze and inspire me. This morning, it was a post by Mitch Joel that flew by in my stream, retweeted by someone or another. I passed over it at first. Then something drew me back to it, and I clicked the link.

Now, anyone who knows Mitch Joel (personally or otherwise) or frequents his blog Six Pixels of Separation knows he is one smart guy. And a straight up writer. And the post I read today didn’t disappoint. Titled “9 Glorious Truths About Creating Great Content”, it lists important considerations like ‘You are not a machine’ – and my personal favourite – ‘Editing content is hard.’ But it was number 8 that really caught my eye – ‘Complex is bad.’ Continue reading