Twitter Inspiration – Room For Improvement

I’ve written before about how the people I follow and engage with daily on Twitter never cease to amaze and inspire me. And today, whammo! It happened again.


Those who’ve been following my stream are aware that “Operation Finish Son’s Bedroom” has been in hyper drive since Friday. What began as “Hey, we should re-do Gorgeous Boy’s room!” back on August 1st quickly deteriorated (no pun intended) into full re-wiring plus a wall and a half *and* the ceiling demo’ed to the studs, drywalled and mudded.

Then you have all the assorted hassles and problems that come with tackling said work on a 100 year old home. Trust me. They don’t make plaster like they used to (horse hair and god knows what other unmentionables). Because we’re ‘the happy poor’, we’re doing this work ourselves. Fast forward to today – October 18th – and finally the first coat of primer will be on the walls. Needless to say, Gorgeous Boy has the patience of a saint.

Off The Grid Guilt 

While it’s vitally important to us as a family – and especially to my incredible son – that this project gets finished, I’ve been really concerned about being ‘off the grid’ so much these last five days. Guilt ridden over taking a break from my ‘full-time job’ of trying to find a job. Worried that my online profile was taking a hit (Yes. I know. Lame.).

So what’s the connection between my Disaster DIY story and this morning’s Twitter inspiration? This: 

Room For Improvement

Being so wrapped up in this reno, as I read this tweet I was actually interested to know which room was the biggest in Julia’s house! Maybe that’s why the sheer simplicity of what came next hit me so hard. “The room for improvement.” I started thinking about my own ‘room for improvement’. And I realized I had improved a lot over this last week.

  • I set a goal and worked my tail off to complete it
  • I was forced to think outside the box many times and come up with solutions to problems (old house, walls and ceilings won’t meet – I know! Crown moulding!)
  • I put someone else’s needs totally and completely ahead of my own (when your kid is 12, you don’t have to do that nearly as much as you used to)
  • And I discovered that I’m a dab hand at a corner bead! Who knew?

So, a hearty thanks to the always inspirational Julia Rosien for helping me see beyond “Oh my God this room’s taking forever and I may never work in this town again!” to see instead “Wow. Look what I’ve accomplished. And what I’ve learned. And how much I’ve improved”.

You’re improving every single day, in small increments, in everything you do. Sometimes you just need to take a breath, recognize it, and give yourself a high five!

What do you think? Have you tackled an unusual project lately and thought about what you gained – beyond just completing it? What can you improve in yourself or your life? Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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