Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

Well, it’s Friday again. Time for another installment of Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s.

Mortgages Bite

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Life, as it sometimes does, got in the way of writing. And this was important life stuff. As many of you know I’m currently a free agent, and while I’ve been doing a bit of freelance’y stuff here and there, I have an amazing son and a not so amazing mortgage to attend to. So, the job hunt has seriously ramped up.

Unemployment Bites Worse

I’ve never been unemployed. Seriously. And as I’ve written before, I’m a bit of a ween when it comes to  networking. But this week I *kicked out the jams and with the help of a wonderfully supportive pal who provided the connections, I networked my ass off. See, there’s a job I really want. So I wrote emails and held Google calls. I researched and read and rewrote my resume. And finally, yesterday I sent in the perfectly polished application.

So What’s Your Point?

So, what’s my point you ask? My point is this. This Friday series started with the question “Why do I write?” Obviously we all write to express ourselves. But writing can be an extremely lonely activity. You can very effectively shut yourself away from the world when writing – especially if you do it for a living.

Sharing Is Caring

But if you *share* your writing, and if you’re lucky, your world can expand and fill up with the most incredible and supportive people. People that you never imagined meeting, and, in many cases, people you’ve never actually met in real life. People who take time out of their day to have a coffee with you, write introductory emails on your behalf, who spend a half hour on a phone call, or just send supportive DMs your way – and weirdly always when you *most* need them! That’s what Twitter and blogging/writing has done for me. And I’m eternally grateful.

The Friday Challenge

So, on that note, the challenge continues! Every Friday I’m sharing some of my early, angst’y writing with you. And I would love you to do the same. You’ve all been writing for a very long time, I’m sure, and there’s nothing more giggle inspiring than re-reading some of those earliest works. So, dig out those old journals and start sharing. And don’t forget the rules: NO copyediting! Write’em today as you wrote’em wayyy back then.

Fire – 1991

If I saw your world was a raging inferno

Singeing your brow and the palm of your hand

I would build us a house of stucco and red tiles

Take you inside and soak you with me

And you would be safe from the flames

*NOTE: Yes, I made an MC5 reference. You better kick out the jams and go click on that link, moth******ers. It is Friday, afterall. :)

9 thoughts on “Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

    • 2006!? Wow. LOVE the link – you *really* have come a long way (no offence! hahaha) That’s the beauty of reading the old stuff. Thanks so much for sharing Gini, you’re one of the brave ones!! xox

  1. That is brave of you to share some of your “old” writing. I’ve been writing since the 60s and I’ve kept all that old writing – although I can’t imagine why because it is perfectly dreadful.

    • Surely it’s no where near as dreadful as you think it is, Ann! I’m having a blast re-reading my old stuff, good heavens I was all gloom and doom as a young adult! :) Really appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Now, do you dare to share..?? :) Hope you have a great weekend, best, Lindsay

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