Canadian Gothic – Weekly Writing From The ’80′s and ’90′s

Lucky you, it’s Friday and time for another instalment of “crap I wrote a loooong time ago!” Clappity clap clap.

This series was inspired by the question Why do I write? These last few fridays I’ve laid out reasons why we all write: to exorcise demons, to memorialize a time or place, to hopefully connect with people. But why do I still write today?

I’ve been lucky to meet some incredible people lately through my writing. And since I’m only ageist when it comes to my own sweet self (Jesus, Mary and Joseph *when* did I get this old!!??) – I often engage with some talented and inspiring young thangs. One such young thang – a truly inspirational and all around lovely young woman – reached out to me this week to help round out an idea she had for her own blog.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Let’s back up – I met this gal – or should I say she met me – on Twitter. And we just clicked. We clicked because of our mutual adoration of the *art* of writing. There’s no other way to explain it. Love that. I was a little surprised she reached out to me, I haven’t known her that long. But I was honoured that she did. So, when I opened her email I had two thoughts:

  1. “Hey self, why didn’t *you* think of that!!??” (yeah, her idea is that good)
  2. and, “Man, there aren’t enough words to describe how much I love mentoring someone!”

With Age Comes Wisdom

I’ve been in the creative trenches for *cough* a lot of years (see above). And I’ve been blessed since the beginning to have been mentored by some exceptional women. It’s no exaggeration to say that much of what I am/know/do today is down to the time, attention and energy that each of them devoted to me. I remember thinking then, why are they doing this? Why do they care? Surely there is *nothing* in this for them!? How silly of me. How naive I was back then.

Give It Up

Sure, millennials get a bum rap – they’re self absorbed, want everything handed to them on a platter, and have the most annoying sense of entitlement. In some cases, and I’ve experienced it first hand, that is true. But not all cases. So, while I’m not gonna get all “pay it forward” on ya here (that’s a little too “Hallmark’y” for me), as schmaltzy and cliched as that phrase is, cliches are cliches ’cause they’re true. It’s your responsibility to get out there and give. Give of yourself. Because the reality is this: all those years under your belt, all the mistakes made, all that experience tucked into your back pocket, every single step, or misstep, that brought you to where you are today – personally and professionally – all of it holds the potential to help someone else. So, get out there and share it. And don’t wait to be asked.

The Friday Challenge

So, on that note, the challenge continues! Every Friday I’m sharing some of my early, angst’y writing with you. Please do the same. You’ve all been writing for a very long time, I’m sure, and there’s nothing more giggle inspiring than re-reading some of those earliest works. So, dig out those old journals and start sharing. And don’t forget the rules: NO copyediting! Write’em today as you wrote’em wayyy back then. Random capitalizations and all! :)

March ’90

The constant pain

that’s in my brain

is like a chainsaw

Meticulously shaving away

sushi-thin layers of my


And if it ends

I fear my friends

Will be rendered speechless

by the sights and sounds

of one so close

yet so far way.


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