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December’s a funny month. While we’re all “G’ah!! Winter!!” we’re also all “Uh. What?? Christmas is here already!?” December might be the only month of the year where we spend the *entire* month focussed on one event. For some of you, that focus starts even earlier (who *are* you people!?). Those of us who’ve been around the block a few times know this same focus happens in the business world. What starts in a mad scramble of end of year reports, wrapping up projects and planning for 2012, ends with Secret Santas, in-office parties and out of office parties. Lots of parties. Basically, if you’re on the job hunt at this time of the year, you’re screwed.

Secret Santa

Personally, I’ve been getting myself mentally prepared for this slump, saying “Self, don’t panic, it’s gonna be crickets out there for at least the next 3 weeks, maybe 4 even!” But just because I’m not in an office doesn’t mean I can’t play Secret Santa, right!?

So, because this pre-christmas slump sucks the very marrow out of the active job seeker, I’m giving my gift out a little early. I dug into the Secret Santa sock and I got……DAVE CUTLER!!


Dave Cutler is my friend. But we’ve never met in real life, as is the case with many people I call friends in this space. We bonded over Twitter, and I quickly realized that this guy was sorta my psychic twin. We both have a healthy cynical bent, snarky senses of humour, houses that constantly need work, and empty bank accounts. Cue the rainbows and unicorns! But more than that, we are both unemployed at the same time (see empty bank accounts, above), and I quickly realized three things:

  • It’s a true gift to find someone outside of your home space, someone other than your spouse and spawn, to bitch and moan with (trust me when I say, it gets old *real fast* and the spouse needs a break).
  • I found a person who can cheerlead from the front lines –  and vice versa. We created a two member club (of which I am the President, natch’) of mutual adoration, a place of wonderfulness where – miraculously – just when it’s most needed the other person is there to boost spirits and reassure that all will be ok!
  • And the third thing I realized is that Dave Cutler is scary dedicated to his goal of landing a great social media gig. No. Really. He’s like a dog with a bone!! Impressive does not cover it.

DAVE CUTLER Works Overtime!

Dave lives in Boston. He’s a loving husband and dad to two adorable imps. And he doesn’t do anything by halves! Already accomplished in Marketing and Production Management, when he was laid off (due to corporate restructuring) he dove headfirst into social media. He completed the Mini-MBA program at Rutgers University and holds a Certificate in Social Media Marketing. He is a ubiquitous presence in the Boston scene – many of you in the area have probably met him – and attends every conference, seminar, tweet-up, workshop, webinar and networking group available. People say that looking for work is a full time job. Well, Dave works overtime!

An accomplished writer, blogger and interviewer, Dave already has many influential people pulling for him. And if the old ‘birds of a feather’ thing that my mom always preached is true (which it is) then that speaks volumes to the man’s character. You can watch Chris Brogan in action here!


Dave Cutler’s resume clearly illustrates that he’s got the chops. What you don’t see from a resume is the man himself. He puts me to shame with his drive and determination. This is someone you want on your team – a fierce and creative go-getter with a great sense of humour, never ending curiosity about the industry, amazing connections and an indefatigable spirit. Add that to his experience in marketing and sales, his deep and intuitive knowledge of the social media space, and his mad skills in networking and relationship management and you’ve got yourself one fine addition to your company. He has quite literally – and very successfully – ‘Community Managed’ his own brand for the last year or so. He should be managing YOUR brand.

So, that’s my Secret Santa gift to my deserving friend Dave. I’m no Gini Dietrich, and this isn’t a Follow Friday! :) But maybe I can help spread the word a little about this talented guy. He and I have both said that 2012 better look out. Let’s get it started now!

Dave’s on LinkedIn and Twitter, and you can find his resume, videos and writing on his blog!

11 thoughts on “Social Media Secret Santa

  1. Thanks, Lindsay! I enjoy Gini’s individual #FF posts, and this is a wonderful extension of them. The Social Media Secret Santa is an awesome concept and I’m honored that you’ve chosen me for the inaugural post. I feel equally lucky to have found and befriended you and aspire to be half the writer that you are. Here’s to better things in 2012!

    • It was absolutely my pleasure Dave, and I meant every word of it. You and I have talked privately about how great it is to have a sounding board, and now the whole world knows! lol You have worked your tail off, way harder than I have. You deserve that break. Happy to just be your friend. Cheers, Lindsay :)

  2. Did someone say give socks for Christmas? Did they even need socks back when Baby Jesus walked the earth? And what about Santa how did Santa become part of Christmas. Did a big fat guy in a red suit hang out with the Romans or something?

    I am really confused.

    That said I hope Dave finds a great position somewhere. Anyone getting help like this is surely worthy of such a blessing!

    • Interesting how Akismet thought you were spam! hahaha Just found this comment – thanks for reading and for your blessings. He is very worthy. That said, did you know that Dave is Jewish….?? Yeah, neither did I. Heh. :\
      p.s. What the hell do the Romans have to do with Christmas…!? :)

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