Unemployed? How Drinking Can Help

Most of you know I’m on the job hunt. And if you didn’t, you do now. This whole ‘job search’ thing has been an exercise in extremes for yours truly. I’ve affectionally taken to calling it “My Bipolar Life”. The peaks. Oh, the peaks are glorious. Sunshine, triple rainbows, unicorns and gumdrops. But the valleys? The valleys have sent me into the deepest despair. My drama queen tendencies and insecurity issues were learned at the knee of the best. No really. You should meet my mom. Let’s just say the knock-backs have the feel of a Louisville Slugger square to the temple.

Fight On

But, I’m a fighter. You can read about that – and other bits of who I really am – here. So I get up, dust off, give my head a shake, and dive back in. Anyone else who’s on this same search knows the routine intimately. Write cover letters and send resumes into the ether, slap the smile back on, and network, network, network. Meet new people. Call in favours. Ask people for referrals. Try and reduce your stress levels by eating right and exercising. All the things the job hunt pros tell you to do.

Drink On

But I’m a job hunt pro myself now, and sometimes, you just need to drink. By drinking I mean get out of the house and shake off the stress. Go to your local – even better if it’s a bit of a dive bar (Note: if you live in a hoity-toity section of town don’t leave the house). This serves two purposes: you can hang out with people that A) are worse off than you are, which – if you’re honest – makes you feel better about yourself unless you’re Mother Teresa (which I most definitely am not!) or B) are your fabulous friends who know you inside and out and can make you laugh until your gut is splitting.

Laugh On

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter and vodka. Actually, throw a great job into that shaker and it would be the perfect cocktail! But take some advice from a pro: don’t overdo it. And there are a number of reasons for this:

  • You’re unemployed. And chances are you’re also kinda broke. Learn to pace yourself to get the best out of the evening. And to avoid the humiliation of asking your 12 year old if you can borrow 20 bucks.
  • You’ll wake up the next morning with a hangover. And chances are you’ll be even more depressed than you were the day before. And end up at the bar again. It’s a vicious circle. Or so they *koff* tell me.
  • You might post something like this: ***“OMG it’s only 6:43 pm and I’m already SMASHED!! Wheeeee!! LMAOF!” And chances are that high level executive you’ve been job-courting is online at that very moment. And hits retweet.

Ok, all kidding aside, drinking won’t actually help you get a job. But it might just help you shake off the blues, surround yourself with people who will say nice things about you (KEY), and allow you a couple of hours where you aren’t wound up tighter than a top with fear, self doubt and worry. Give yourself a gift and take a break. Oh, and take three Tylenol with a large glass of water before you go to bed. :)

***NOTE: This is a purely fictional tweet. At least in my case. 

14 thoughts on “Unemployed? How Drinking Can Help

  1. Are you sure this is totally fictional? And will the Slugger be reading it? (Louisville or not). Drinking worked for Charles Bukowski, a guy named Hemingway and a few other good writers like you. It works for writers but I’m not too sure how it works for job hunters who need to be up and at ’em early in the a.m. Oh No!!! I seem to be telling a good writer to “get a real job!” Give your head a shake, Dianne. She’s an artist. I should know about them.

  2. Dianne, are you putting me in the same drink category as Bukowski and Hemingway!? Not a chance. It takes me three days to get over a hangover at my advanced age! :) Just helps to take a break from the job hunt every now and again. And yes, you spawned quite the artist yourself in Miss. Wheaton. Though I reserve comment on her drink tendencies. LOL

  3. Three days at your age? How do you think it is for me, then? Actually re artists, I was referring to the two Ms Wheatons. Will we be able to have a drink with you down East this summer?

  4. Yes, you’re right, you nailed it both times! LOL Not sure about getting east this summer, kinda need a job. I will keep you posted, though! Would love to see you and John.

  5. The Eagle has landed… I love a fightin’ beer drinkin’ woman – they’re ‘real peeps’ and know how to have lot’s of fun!

    Oh, the eagle; appears you’ve found the job you were looking for and it appears you have the project, a rockin team and opportunity of a lifetime to impact small businesses all over the world.

    Late congratulations Lindsay Bell : )

    • Wow. I’m honoured that you stopped by Mark! And a bit shame-faced, as I haven’t blogged (here at least) since I started at Jugnoo in March! Must rectify that soon. Yes, I am loving my new gig, and haven’t worked with a team of people this great – well – ever! It’s exciting and a huge learning curve, which serves to keep me *away* from the bars! LOL Great meeting you recently, and cheers to having fun, right? 😀 Best, LB

  6. Hmmmm, drinking. Sorta like donuts. Love it but. Ha, love this piece tho. Honestly, I was here before and though it would be weird to leave a comment this late (4 months later). But anyway, it is so good to find other CDN bloggers let alone another TO blogger.

    An occasional afternoon buzz is sweet. It reminds me of a song by Pavement called Gold Soundz. There’s a line in there that feels fantastic……so drunk in the August sun…..blah, blah, blah…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPvhKV3Yg2k&feature=player_detailpage

    • Indeed. Hence my constant ‘on again/off again’ relationship with Weight Watchers! 😛 Thanks for the read, much appreciated, and I love Pavement – great choice. I’m now doubly-embarrassed about my recent blogging non-efforts. Jugnoo is keeping me very busy! But no excuses right? Cheers, and enjoy this gorgeous Toronto day! Best, LB

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