Dear Blog: Please Forgive Me

I haven’t blogged here in awhile. Actually, it’s been quite awhile. And the only person to blame for that is yours truly. See, I went and got myself a job. But not just any ol’ job! In March, I went and got myself a swank new job at a hot little startup, and whoa – was I ever busy! I was too busy to clean my house! I was too busy to spend a lot of time with friends! I was too busy to exercise! And I was too busy to blog.

Excuses, Excuses

Or that’s what I told myself. Which is just me, making myself feel better about not blogging. Because if I was being really honest…? I had scads of time to blog. I had OCEANS of time to write. True, that swank new job had my head spinning, was a major learning curve, and chewed through my cranial resources with a ferocity I hadn’t experienced since…well….maybe never! But really self!? Who the hell are you trying to kid!?

Lindsay Lazy!

I had time to go for drinks. I had time to read a book. I had time to watch TV. I had time to chat online with pals. Let me say it now – loud and (not) proud: I WAS BEING LAZY!! And guess what? That swank new job that had my head spinning? I don’t have that job any longer. Due to company restructuring (God, I love that old nugget!) I am once again hitting the bricks. Pounding the pavement. Looking for work.

Kicking Myself

So, HEY THERE! I have loads of time to blog now! And no, I’m not missing the irony. I have a few other things too. A property that I spent months and months building from scratch that is now piteously out of date. Writing that I’m fiercely proud of that I’m slightly embarrassed to share today because my blog went into hibernation. And ideas that bounced around my noggin’ for months that I never wrote about that are now stale and crusty.

Never. Stop. Writing.

That learning curve I mentioned above? It’s still ongoing. Of all the things I learned at my last job, maybe the most important one was this: *never* put all of your eggs in one basket (um, how old am I? Sheeesh Lindsay). Never feel too safe. And never, ever say you don’t have the time to write.

Writing is not just what I do for a living. Writing is a passion. And because I was lazy, I allowed myself to stop writing. And when you stop writing for yourself, and dedicate all your time and energy to writing for someone else? You just might end up pounding the pavement again. Lose. And. Lose.

So, dear blog, please forgive me. Cause I’m back – with a vengeance!


30 thoughts on “Dear Blog: Please Forgive Me

  1. I cannot wait to hear/read what you have in store for us:) And I can’t wait for that Skype call we’ll plan for. I’ll be in touch, and in my best Ed McMahon voice…”heeeeeer’s Lindsay!” Cheers! Kaarina

  2. OK, if my comment repeats itself, my apologies, but the first one went poof! Can’t wait to hear/read what you have in store for us. Look forward to Skyping: will be in touch. And in my best Ed McMahon voice, “heeeeeeer’s Lindsay!” Cheers! Kaarina

  3. I’m with Jack – I’m glad you’re back! And your lesson is a very good one. I never allow myself the luxury of taking writing time off. Because I know if I did, it’d be too hard to get back into it. Too many other things get in the way. But I’ll tell you what, it sure would be nice to sleep until 7:00 and not blog some mornings.

  4. *cough* I have no idea what you’re talking about (says the woman who hasn’t blogged on her own site since…well, we don’t need to discuss it.) Glad to be introduced to your site today, though!

    • ¬†@amysept¬†AMY!!?? Come on – I thought I was alone in this! LOL Get thee tol thy blog and start writing! You are such an amazing writer – keep it up! Thanks for visiting my sad little outdated blog. It shall be outdated NO LONGER! ūüėĬ†

      • ¬†@belllindsay¬†You know what’s silly? I feel the need to break the (increasingly long) silence with an apology and can’t find a satisfactory way to do it. As you said: “Excuses, excuses”. I regularly write blog posts in my head, just need to push them a bit further ¬†:-)

        • ¬†@amysept¬†Oh. Amy. I was absolutely paralyzed. Today I just said “screw it” and started writing. And basically I wrote an apology. But it’s gotten me excited again and ready to keep blogging!¬†

    • ¬†@rdopping¬†Oh dear. You three? Me almost FORTY-SIX!? How (and when) did that happen? Thanks for dropping by! @ginidietrich¬†is gonna beat me (or something) if I don’t keep writing, so write I will! ūüėĬ†

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